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How to break a Pinata Safely

First, get the your Mexipinata ready and fill it with candies, confetti, toys or whatever you desire. Tie the ropes (one from the piñata and the other you are going to use to hang and swing the pinata). If you have a tree branch or beam you can use it to hang the pinata. If you don’t, two people can use a ladder or bench to be high enough and each person holds the end of the rope. Make sure you feel safe and comfortable enough to constantly raise and low the pinata.

Line the children up from smallest to tallest and have them hold hands to form a circle around the pinata. Smallest children should go first. Eyes can be covered with a bandana and the child is spun around. With a stick, the blindfolded child should try to hit the pinata while an adult raises and lowers it. Allow each child three or four swings before moving on to the next child.

We've put together a great video on youtube showing how it all works.

Keep the other children at least 15 feet away from the swinging stick. To make a pinata party as safe as it can be, make sure that all swinging has completely stopped before anyone dives for the fallen candy. Enjoy your candy treasures!